Yoga “mountains”

Class is going to start! OMG what is it going to like? Remain calm. All yoga follows three basic “mountains”.

  1. The first mountain: as your warm-up you could be sitting down, breathing, stretching from head to toe any inter-connective tissues and joints. Now coming down that side of the first mountain, is usually what’s called a sun salutation. It’s a series of 12 poses that are repeated until you’re warmed up.
  2. The second mountain: is your work mountain. This is the working part of the practice. Going up that mountain, you can have : warrior 1,2, triangle pose, you could be “flowing” if you’re in a flow class. As you come down the back of that second mountain, you coming to balancing poses. You’re starting to lower your heart rate and get prepared for the last mountain.
  3. The last mountain of practice is your supine and prone positions. That’s on your belly or your back to you and me. After those poses you are ready for “savasana”, which is the pose you see everybody down on their mats, with her eyes closed, noses to the sky.