5 mistakes to avoid at yoga class

Class is over, people are milling about, you feel a sense of accomplishment (you should!) and you are looking at the schedule to see when you can come back! You had a good time but there might be a couple of things that you can avoid for next time.

  1. Hopefully you were breathing and not holding your breath during your practice.
  2. Work to keep your body aligned properly. Certain angles work the best. 90 and 45 degrees are good angles to watch on you form. For example, 90° knee:  making sure that your feet and hands are aligned under hips and shoulders. Your instructor should tell you where to place your feet, knees,  arms so that you have the best possible placement of your body on the mat to avoid injury.
  3. Don’t push beyond the point of working the muscle. You should feel effort but you should never feel pain or electrical twinges shooting pulls down your leg.
  4. Don’t judge your self against somebody else in the class.
  5. Based upon your experience, you may decide to take a different type of class. Maybe a more basic or beginner class and work up to faster more vigorous classes.