4 ways to get the most out of your yoga class

So now you’re in the class. You put down your mat, you’re sitting there in your appropriate attire with a belly that is not full, now how do you get the most out of this class.

  1. I would sit close to the front. If you’ve never done a yoga practice before, make sure you can see the instructor!  Don’t try to hide in the back. As an instructor, we look for that!  “Yoginners”, as I like to call them.
  2. I’d make sure I was close to a wall. This may be the first time you are doing some moves that require balance. You could reach your hand out to help hold you up.
  3. Make sure that if you have any physical limitations, medical issues or are taking any medication that require some sort of modification you tell the instructor!
  4. Relax! It’s called a yoga practice for a reason! Nobody’s perfect and we keep practicing and practicing. I’ve been working on scorpion pose for years! Lower your bar, you may not be able to do all the poses. Yoga will feel like you’re learning a new dance move. If you’re like me, the electric slide boggles my mind and I look like Bambi on ice.