3 tips to help you prepare for yoga class

There are three tips to help you prepare for a yoga class. First of all, most people go to yoga class based upon a time frame. They look on the schedule, they see a class that fits their time, they don’t really care what kind of class it is and that’s usually what gets people in the door for the first time. That’s okay, but if you have a chance to read about the class first, it will be beneficial, especially if you need a less vigorous class due to any type of medical history issues.

  1. First, you don’t have to have expensive yoga clothing. Wear things that aren’t constraining so that you can have range of movement in your shoulders as well as your hips. Preferably no baggy shirts. You don’t want anything to cover your face when you head is downward. You can’t see your instructor!
  2. Secondly, you don’t want to eat a meal before yoga practice. If you are going to eat because you need to for low blood sugar, do something like yogurt or keifer yogurt drink, almond milk, something that is readily absorbed into the body.  You don’t want to eat fruits or vegetables because that requires a lot of time to ferment and breakdown in the belly, which is blood that you could use during the practice in your muscles.
  3. Lastly if he studio doesn’t provide a mat you might just want to pick one up. Again you can do yoga on a budget. The store 5below sells five dollar beginners yoga mats. They also sell beginners block and straps. Don’t go crazy spending a lot of money for a yoga class. Remember, yoga doesn’t require a mat, or a studio or anything! You can do yoga in your living room! Outside! You can do yoga in the office, but those are topics for other blogs!