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I’ve never done a blog, there’s the heads up disclaimer. The last time I think I’ve had to write a paper was for college and for certification. I’m going to give this a try because so many people coming to my classes ask me my advice on different things from what to eat, what to drink, how to do yoga, (guess how I came up with my studio name..hint hint!), what types of yoga are out there. I send them to different sites I’ve researched and things that I found on my own, which took me a lot of time. So I’m hoping to shorten the amount of learning time for people either trying to start yoga or who have a yoga practice already but want to learn a little something new.

The topics in upcoming posts will include yoga basics like:

  • What are the ways that yoga helps your body?
  • How can you prepare to come to yoga class?
  • What can you do to get the most out of your session?
  • How can you try to avoid making mistakes in the class?

All yoga, any type of yoga that you choose to practice, whether emphasis is on the spiritual side or emphasis is being placed on the body side, all do the same things that benefit the body. Flexibility, strength, balance, control of the breath, range of motion. There are many different types of yoga, but those five points, whether you have been practicing or want to try a different practice, you’re pretty much going to have a similar experience. Maybe in different degrees but for the most part the elements of a practice are those listed.

So there you have it! Look forward to more great info to make your yoga experience even better!