no shoes required, but please check in!

we said we are tiny, but we do have a big…heart so space is tight, but quality over quantity!

gentle yoga, gentle flow

a great all level class.

family yoga

a great way to have an Om buddy! for grown-ups and their little yogi’s. ages baby to 7yrs.

yoga short shots: quick gulp! $5

12:45-1:15 and 1:15-1:45 each day!

got a 1/2 hour? need to do some yoga but can’t get in a full class? These short shots are for you! a short shot afternoon class done in your business clothes! yup! When your done grab a snack and sit out front to finish your lunch hour!

flowing vinyasa

Incorporate vinyasa (slow and intentional) with well balanced sets of asanas, usually starting by consciously connecting breath and movement to hip opening, moving to standing, back down for twists and supine poses. Work on inversions at the end of class before savasana. Understand WHY you are moving the way YOU are moving; to overall understand the benefit of yoga. There is an undertone of yoga philosophy in every class, also picking a chakra or yama/niyama to focus on for each class.

Iron Om

strong athletic flow

this copyrighted class helps you to create an Iron Om while you BREATHE.

Ball, Resistance, Enhanced Concentration, Asanas, Twisting/Toning, Heat, Energy Creation

Yoga is based upon breath. Prana: energy, positive, inhalation Apana, opposing energy, detoxing, exhalation. While we breathe were are in constant balance between these two forces. This practice combines the traditions of Hatha Yoga, with Iyengar inspired discipline, infused with elements of practices that balance forces of energy.

classical stationary

this very slow, very meditative class offers new yogis a class taylored to students wishing to practice yoga using a stationary method. this class is open to wheelchair, blind and amputee students. stationary yoga provides a great foundation of asanas.

heated classical stationary

this class is similar to the other classical class, but with added heat and more advanced asanas. this slow, meditative class offers yogis a chance to further their stationary practice.